Bag Filters


The KGT Bag filter element has a fixed pore structure making then absolute rated which enables removal of contamination at consistent efficiency.

Apart from the wide chemical compatibility, the filters are suitable for either high flow rate or high viscous liquid, having a high dirt holding capacity as they are available in polypropylene and polyester media.

The KGT Bag filter element is available in various media enabling it to handle a wide range of fluids.


Due to wide range to media selection, a variety of liquids from acids to alkalis; from seawater to process water; and lube oils to light petroleum fluid.

Standard dimensions of 4” and 7” outer diameter ensures fitment in most standard housings with varied length availability. (other dimensions available on request).

Available in 16 and 32 inches length. (Other lengths available on request.)

Sealing collars available in polypropylene and Steel rings.


For Normal Flow from Inside to Outside for liquids compatible with the filter media, the maximum differential pressure is

Polypropylene Medium: 15psid (1.0 bard)@75⁰C

Polyester Medium: 15psid (1.0 bard)@135⁰C

(This dp data is compiled for Water Service)


Process Water

Lube Oils

Amine, Glycol

Brine, Seawater


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